Monday, 3 February 2014

Rocking Red Lips – December 2013

Rita Hayworth set the trend with it. Marilyn Monroe seduced the world whilst wearing it whereas Elizabeth Taylor used it to accentuate her emerald-coloured eyes. Gwen Stefani has made it her signature look, Rose McGowan claims to have come out of the womb waving it about and frankly, I’ve never seen Dita Von Teese without it. What am I talking about? Red lipstick, of course!

Red: much loved, second only to hot pink. The colour I associate with love and roses, passion and fire, strawberries and Christmas! For as long as I can remember I’ve wanted to wear red lipstick but have been reluctant to do so. Like my hat wearing dilemma, the reason for my apprehension was simple; I wasn’t daring enough. Too shy to wear it I felt I would look foolish, like I was trying too hard. As a result, I had convinced myself it didn’t suit my fair skin, light hair and brown eyes only to see women with lighter hair and fairer complexions wearing it and rocking the red lip look. “Oh, I wish I could pull that off” I would longingly whisper to myself, and then come up with a million and one excuses as to why it suited them and not me. That was to change on October 5th.

Scheduled to attend a friend’s wedding, I was to wear a striking black dress with a high neck and sheer maxi overlay with a split down the centre, cheekily exposing the legs as you walked. A string of diamante embellishment encircling the neck and waistline. I was aiming for a classic, elegant style and felt dramatic red lips would perfectly complete the look. Off I went as fast as my little legs would take me (which for anyone who’s seen me walk will know is quite fast!) to find and buy a rich red lipstick. To say I was overwhelmed by the selections available is an understatement. Where do I start? I decided to try on as many as possible across various brands to find the shade that best complemented my skin tone, eyes and hair. I settled on “Russian Red” by Mac.

Given the brilliancy of this colour, I equate red lips to wearing a statement piece of jewellery; attention grabbing with your lips as the focal point, so I needed to keep the rest of my make-up to a minimum to avoid overdoing it and looking like a clown. My coverage was light and natural looking, my eyes subtle; beige eye shadow, black mascara and eyeliner. I didn’t use a lip liner but I did apply moisturiser to soften my lips. When the time came to colour my lips I was nervous. “You can always wipe it off” the logical goddess within told me. Pushing aside my self-consciousness, I braced myself and painted my pout.                       

I can’t quite explain it but something happened to me that night with my ravishing red lips; there was a definite shift in my attitude. Besides feeling feminine, beautiful and glamorous, I felt extremely sexy, more so than ever (and a little bit naughty!). I also felt powerful, not in a physical sense but an inner strength; brave and certain as though I could achieve all I desired. Most importantly, it dispelled the misconception ingrained in my psyche all these years – that I needed to feel more confident to wear red lipstick when in reality, wearing red lipstick made me feel more confident. At long last, like so many women before me, I understood the powerful properties imbued in the red lip crayon.      

The intensity and contrast of the colour against my features took a little getting used to and to be completely honest, there were moments where I had to fight the urge to wipe it off, but with each mesmerised gaze and compliment received, my confidence grew as did my level of comfort. I’ve worn it a few times since and the effect is always amazing. I love how it makes me feel: assured, magnetic and each time more emboldened. I don’t wear this bold lipstick on a daily basis so as not to diminish its value, choosing to reserve it for instances where I need a surge of confidence and as another way to display my mysterious, sensual side. Finally, this small act (wearing red lipstick) was both liberating and empowering in itself as it reiterated that we are only inhibited by our own thoughts which become beliefs because we accept them as fact. We must recognise, challenge and above all, remove these wrong, limiting beliefs to create new experiences and discover the truth.

So, whether you wish to raise your confidence, produce a show-stopping effect, look glamorous, bring out the siren within and feel ultra-sexy or simply dress up your look, all without breaking the bank, swipe on the red lippy and let your lips do the talking!

I’d love to hear how you feel when wearing red lipstick.

Which is your favourite red lipstick?

“Beauty, to me, is about being comfortable in your own skin. That, or a kiss-ass red lipstick.” ~ Gwyneth Paltrow


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