Monday, 3 February 2014

Splice up your life – September 2013

I love wearing bright colours. I always have. One of the main reasons is because they make me feel happy. They positively influence my mood and much like exercise, release the ‘feel-good’ emotions making me optimistic and assured. Moreover, they make me feel youthful, flirty, energetic and complement my bubbly nature as well as my fair hair and complexion. Plus, and let’s cut to the chase here, bright colours put simply STAND OUT!

My absolute favourite and signature colour is hot pink followed closely by red. I have many pieces from dresses to tops, skirts, shorts and jeans to exercise wear and even sleepwear in both these colours. I have often paired these two colours together but I have never owned a single item consisting of both these colours, until today.
For years I kept my eyes peeled for a two-toned dress in these colours but my quest for this much desired clothing item left me somewhat disappointed. So, imagine my delight when my eyes caught sight of such a dress by my favourite Australian designer, Cue.  Unrestrained elation! For me, the combination of hot pink and red belong together and just POP! And this sexy number has this very effect.

The style is a slim fit, sleeveless shift dress with a round neckline made from ponte – a thick, tightly woven knit fabric which is firm and holds its shape yet is smooth and stretchy. The dress is predominantly hot pink spliced with red running from the shoulders down along the body, kicking out into a slight peplum style on either side of the waist.  I particularly like that it is not a full peplum as it doesn’t billow out too much but subtly adds a feminine touch to the snug fit of the dress.

I am yet to wear the dress but when I do I intend to complete the look with my red-hot patent pointy pumps. For a stylish edge, I will pair it with my nude pumps. Add to the mix some simple jewellery such as my diamond studs and bracelet et voila!

If up until now you have tended to stay play it safe by avoiding colour and instead settled for the option of wearing the classics and neutrals, perhaps with the warm weather upon us now may be the perfect time to take that leap of faith, step out of your comfort zone and wear vibrant colours – spliced or solid. Remember to select colours you like and make you feel good whilst wearing them. If you’re not quite ready to dive into the deep end you may choose to brighten up the basics - black and white with a bold coloured jacket, bag or shoes. Still not convinced to take the plunge nor want to break the bank for brights? Consider adding a splash of colour via the introduction of colourful accessories. Earrings, necklaces, rings and bracelets are a good starting point to ease you into the world of colour and a great way to add zing to a vanilla outfit.
As an accountant and a savvy shopper I believe you don’t have to overspend to freshen your look by adding colourful items to your repertoire. There are numerous reasonably priced, good quality items available from various retailers.

So go on, brighten your outfit to brighten your mood and outlook. You’ll feel glad you did!

“Colours, like features, follow the changes of the emotions.” ~ Pablo Picasso

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