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Leave your hat on – August 2013

Whilst at the hairdresser’s back in June, I was flicking through one of many magazines, as you do, when my eyes stopped on a photo of the stunning and stylish model/actress Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. This time it wasn’t her face or body that had captured my interest but the hat on her head: an ivory coloured fedora with a light grey band.

This head trend is not new. The fedora has been a popular accessory at festivals, outdoor bars and cafes and has obtained worldwide repute mainly thanks to Indiana Jones. Over the years, my friends have confidently donned a variety of hats but not me. No way! My hat wearing was limited to my wide brimmed sunhat at the beach and a visor when out running. Secretly though, I always wanted to wear a hat, I just wasn’t brave enough. I didn’t feel I could pull it off, particularly here in Sydney without looking ridiculous.
Years back when I jetted over to Toronto and New York City during the wintry months, I was granted the opportunity to wear the dreaded hat. It wasn’t hard to do since hats are an integral piece during the chilly season, so with sureness and poise I alternated between my black beret, knitted beanie and black corduroy cap. Sadly, the moment my overseas stint was over so too were my hat wearing days. Occasionally, I would get a surge of confidence and feel inspired to adorn my head with a hat, but once on I would become self-conscious and engulfed with feelings of timidity. Off it came only to be shoved in the back of the drawer and forgotten about.

Looking now at this photo in the magazine, I felt a change was due not only to my style but within myself and my thoughts. The time was ripe to be adventurous with a distinct, modern look however, this meant overcoming my shyness and reservations. With a gutsy mindset, I set off to buy myself a fedora and found one – black felt with a plain black band by Morgan and Taylor. Perfect! I bought it but try as I might I couldn’t bring myself to wear it. I simply lacked the confidence. Still in its bag with the tags on, I stashed it somewhere in my wardrobe and left it there, promising myself I would overcome my doubts and wear it… one day. 

With the commencement of a new month and an upcoming brunch rendezvous with friends at a café by the beach, I decided it was now or never! I pulled on my black lone rider leggings and charcoal roll neck long-line knit, put on my flat black suede ankle boots, left my long locks cascading over my shoulders and with unsteady hands placed the hat on my head.

The hat was a hit! I actually felt good wearing it and this boosted my confidence. More importantly, I was thrilled with myself for pushing through my fears as it made me realise that it is our negative thoughts and harsh judgements of our self that lead to a lack of confidence and low self-esteem. I believe confidence is the foundation of all achievement and starts from within. We must focus on our abilities and eliminate any limiting beliefs which keep us stagnant, holding us back from reaching our full potential and being the best we can be. So, take baby steps. Start with mastery over the small things in life (in my case it was wearing a hat) as this will increase your self-confidence, self-esteem and ultimately raise your self-respect. This in turn allows for the accomplishment of the significant things in life.

From now on, I feel confident enough to leave my hat on! 

“When you have confidence, you can have a lot of fun. And when you have a lot of fun, you can do amazing things.” ~  Joe Namath    

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