Sunday, 2 March 2014

Stuck in a hair rut – February 2014

Love it or hate it, admit it or deny it we are all concerned in some way or another with our hair. After all, it does frame our face and our face tends to be the first physical attribute people notice about us! Be it short, medium or long, thick or fine we can spike it, crimp it, pin it, colour it, layer it, curl it or straighten it. We can cut bangs, a mullet or Mohawk, wear it as a bob, pixie or punk, in plaits, ponytails or a bun.

From a practical standpoint, our hair serves the purpose of keeping us warm as well as cool and protects us from ultra-violet radiation exposure. On a personal level, it tells a lot about our physical and emotional health and forms part of our overall appearance. I regard my hair as an accessory, an additional adornment that I use to my advantage to not only complement the rest of my look but also accentuate my features and bring out my natural beauty. Now, this is not about vanity but self-love; making an effort to enhance your looks in order to present yourself at your best so you feel good. Just like my clothes, my hair and how I wear it is an expression of my personality – a visual display of the real me to the world.

My hair is naturally curly and whilst the common complaint that those with curls wish it was straight (and vice versa) may ring true for some, it's never been the case for me. I feel absolutely blessed having wavy tresses. Personally, I prefer long hair as I need the length for my curl to twirl the way I like it plus, I find long hair more versatile.

As a young girl, I loved experimenting with my hair and would spend hours on end recreating styles I liked from magazines as well as fashion some of my own. I particularly loved wearing my hair in braids and I still do! In fact, the three-strand braid is my go-to look on days when my long locks just won’t hold the way I want them to, no matter what I do, so to avoid a ‘bad hair day’, and pressed for time to do anything more with it, I simply braid it. Done – neat and sweet. It’s actually become my signature style: the braid (and a quiff), and be they on the red carpet, runway or on the streets, braids (or plaits for thin braids) are so hot right now! Although for me, they never went out of style.

Everywhere I look these days, I see woman after woman wearing extremely feminine, often elaborate, always pretty variations of the braid. Last Friday was one such day. Sitting in the seat in front of me on the bus ride into work, was a woman with a side braid starting from the right and ending on the left which she had tucked into a small bun at the nape of her neck. As I was admiringly inspecting this gorgeous hairdo, I realised I was stuck in a hair rut; styling my mane the same way day-in day-out. Sure, I switch it up every now and again alternating between a high bun or ponytail to a low bun or ponytail, sometimes even throwing the ponytail over one shoulder, and I vary my fringe from quiff to all pulled back to a side-sweep. Then there are the times when I wear my hair all out but other than that it’s always the usual, familiar styles over and over again. You know how it is - a few bad hair days and that’s it, you give up. Back and up the hair goes and there it stays, as though you are placing it in its own naughty corner for misbehaving! Truth is, my creativity has waned; I'm all out of ways to wear my hair and I have become predictable, almost boring with my hairstyles. It is high time to rekindle my love affair with my hair and give it the attention it deserves!
What I need is to freshen up my looks with a variety of trendy, sexy yet easy-to-achieve styles for each day that I can do at home. I got searching and was directed to Hair Romance. Once I read Christina Butcher’s comment: “You wear your hair every day and you should have fun with your hair” it struck a chord. That’s it I thought to myself! I’ve forgotten the fun I used to have with my hair and the happiness I derived from creating unique styles and new looks simply because of a few bad hair days and lack of inspiration and effort. I purchased Hair Romance's30 braids in 30 days ebook” and, whilst I was at it, I also bought the “30 buns in 30 days ebook” as I love wearing my hair all up most days to keep it off my face and prevent it from getting in my way as I work. (Also, with your hair up your entire face is exposed and your features stand out). Both books cost me less than what I pay to have my strands blow-dried! So, for the next 30 days I will sport a different 'do' and report my results the following month.

"Hair style is the final tip-off whether or not a woman really knows herself." ~ Hubert de Givenchy


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