Thursday, 3 April 2014

30 days 30 hot hairdo’s – March 2014

I did it! I wore my hair a different way, every day thanks to the fabulous ebooks I purchased
from Hair Romance. When I initially embarked on this 30-days-30-hairstyles challenge, it was with the sole purpose of learning a few new, hip and dazzling do’s to 'do up' my look. What I got was a lot more than that - I just love it when that happens! This has been an amazing experience for me. I feel like a new woman!

Firstly, I can style my hair. All by myself. Without spending a cent. These ebooks offer a range of gorgeous and versatile hairstyles suitable for every mood and occasion, from practical and professional for every day wear to glamorous and sophisticated for evening and formal events to playful and innocent in between. At first glance, some styles look complicated but once you master the basic techniques they’re not as difficult to do as they look – all it takes is practice and patience and like me you will be able to create salon-quality hairstyles easily and quickly from the comfort of your home. No more spending hours and a small fortune in a salon. If I can do it, so can you!
I started with the simple, less complex-looking designs such as the rope twist bun, fishtail side braid, double braided buns and as I grasped the basics, progressed to doing the more intricate styles. The instructions are clear and easy-to-follow, complete with step-by-step photographs and useful tips. Of great value to me were the suggested variations for long and fine hair which I often applied. I also added my own personal touch, either by parting my hair or wearing my fringe differently and combining various designs into one, to ensure the style suited my face and clothing and ultimately achieved the look I wanted to exhibit. In all honesty, my first attempt of some hairstyles didn’t look exactly like the photographs but with repeated efforts my technique improved and as my confidence in my abilities grew my imagination took over and soon I was creating unique designs of my own. For me, these hairstyles are feminine and flattering and will definitely update your look, and although a bun is still a bun, a braid still a braid, I now have numerous trendy twists on these classic styles.

Secondly, I learned that changing your hairstyle can actually improve your physical appearance. Certain hairstyles not only accentuate your features but soften them as well, making you look more attractive and we know how we look impacts how we feel and vice versa. It is this look-feel cycle that affects everything – your mood, movements, posture, performance especially your opinion of yourself. When you like your looks and feel good about yourself you are comfortable with who you are; you accept yourself and are happy which means you detract from engaging in any criticism and discounting of yourself. This happiness from within strengthens your confidence and increases your self-esteem making you radiate a positive self-image so, something as simple as a different hairstyle will actually make you feel better about your looks. It’s definitely the easiest and most economical way to enhance your physical appearance.
Thirdly, a change in hairstyle also changes up an outfit, giving it a completely new look as a result of the vibe you are emitting. You can wear the same item over yet style your hair another way each time and the outfit will look different. Remember, most people don’t pay attention to exactly what you’re wearing but how you look when you are wearing it.
Fourthly, when my hair is styled I feel a sense of assurance from within which in turn makes me feel assertive, in control and organised, like I have it all together. I also firmly believe in my capabilities and competence, perhaps as a result of accomplishing something all on my own that I thought I could not do; I was always slightly intimidated by the intricacy of some hairstyles and thought they were too difficult for me to create yet through perseverance I moved past my fear and achieved the very thing I thought I could not do, and as I always say, it’s the small, steady feats that lead to the big achievements. Furthermore, I feel proud and quietly confident because essentially I’ve tapped into unrealised potential by developing latent qualities thereby, expanding my abilities and making the most of myself.
Finally, I highly recommend these books; they are worth every penny! You literally have at your fingertips a valuable tool to transform yourself in every way. Not only will these styles add a touch of class to your look, your gorgeous hairstyles will turn heads and the increased attention from all the admiring glances and beautiful compliments you receive will do wonders for your confidence. With this renewed assurance and vigour you will feel unstoppable! Remember, this is not about superficiality; it’s about feeling good and cultivating a positive attitude after all, it is your attitude that impacts your overall appearance and affects the energy you emit to the world hence, what you attract in your life. Like everything else, you get back what you give out so, love your hair and it will love you back. Know that practice makes perfect and a little effort sure goes a long way!
Personally, I feel inspired and revitalised, there’s a bounce in my step. No more boring hairstyles or fussing with butterfly clips and ugly hair ties. I have rediscovered my passion for my hair and am having so much fun styling it differently each day. Best of all, it’s yet another great way to showcase aspects of my personality.

Happy hairstyling!  

“If your hair is done properly and you have on good shoes, you can get away with anything.” ~ Iris Apfel, Harper’s Bazaar April 2013.

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