Sunday, 31 August 2014

Go for Gold! - August 2014

In Greek mythology, King Midas of Phyrgia, shows an act of kind-heartedness to the god Dionysus’ chief satyr Silenus, when he is found passed out from drink in the palace’s rose garden. The King recognises him as the God’s companion and instead of punishing him, invites him to stay a few days to eat, drink (some more) and be merry. As a token of his appreciation for his friendliness, Dionysus grants Midas any wish he requests. Midas asks that everything he touches be turned to gold, and it is done.

It seems that almost everything in the stores at the moment – clothes, shoes, bags and jewellery has been touched by King Midas himself! All that glitters this spring is golden. I'm okay with that, I love GOLD!

In its solid form, gold indicates one’s affluence, achievement and status and has long been associated with grandeur, glitz and glamour. It is also the colour of victory – champions are awarded prizes of gold: a gold star in kindergarten, a gold medal at athletic events including the Olympics as well as competitions of excellence and great accomplishment, such as the Nobel Prize. There’s the Golden Globe Award, the gold-plated Oscar statuette at the Academy Awards, and here in Australia, the gold Logie.

Gold in all its shades, even its intense muted tones, is a warm colour. I instantly connect it with the glaring sun and its gleaming golden rays which is why when I wear this metallic I feel energetic, hopeful, cheerful and warm inside. These feelings enable me to reconnect with my compassionate and affectionate nature and as a result, exude a dynamic yet tender and loving vibe. I also associate gold with Tutankhamen’s famous mask and am reminded of the riches and opulence of that era and of gold’s high regard. Likewise, the golden tones prompt me to think of the beautiful and brave ‘Kings of the Jungle’ - lions, thus encourage me to be confident and courageous at all times.

You wouldn’t think it, but gold actually works well with so many colours. Most naturally pair gold with black and whilst this is a hot and sexy combination, you shouldn’t feel limited to only this safe option. For a golden glow in the warmer months, I team my glistening golden shades with coral, turquoise, hot pink, beige, white and emerald green. I especially love wearing it with red and cobalt blue. In the cooler months, I pair it with the earthy colours such as olive and dark green, orange, tan, brown as well as navy, grey, purple and my favourite for winter, burgundy. Whether it’s the brilliant, flashy, shiny, yellow tones or the darker, traditional, more subdued hues you can create a fresh and chic outfit where you look regal and feel lush. Either way, this treasured colour is certainly eye-catching and makes a bold statement as it illuminates and enhances all other items it is paired with.

Of all the colours, gold is the one that ultimately makes me look and feel absolutely glamorous.
When I wear gold, it promotes amazing poise and a star-quality confidence, allowing me to tap into my inner strength and believe in my capabilities thereby increasing my personal power which impacts how I think, behave and essentially, live my life and gives me the courage and willpower to be, do and achieve all I desire. It also motivates me to unfurl my natural charisma; to act and speak with conviction and be influential enough to draw people towards me and undoubtedly, maximise my potential for success. Finally, on an intimate level, I am able to show the world exactly who I am, my 'heart of gold' by expressing my gentleness so everyone I meet and interact with will feel my warmth and sweetness.

So, set a gold standard and be ready to shimmer this season by opting for a precious piece in this warm metallic and you will look ‘as good as gold’ and surely be a winner!

“The gold of life is for those bold and brave in life.” ~ Ifeanyi Enoch Onuoha
Satyr a legendary creature with horse-like features.
Dionysus – God of wine and revelry, also of agriculture and fertility.

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