Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Meshing About - September 2014

Spring is my favourite season of the year. The daylight hours get longer, temperatures rise and you just want to be outdoors all the time. I especially love feeling the heat of the sun’s rays on my skin as it travels throughout my entire body making me feel warm all over. Plus, the natural source of Vitamin D is essential to our health. Springtime is also full of transformations. Remnants of cold surroundings and inactivity are erased as nature reawakens; plants sprout, leaves grow, wilted flowers blossom into a vibrant array of colours and animals come out of their hibernation and start reproducing; proving it is the season for growth and rejuvenation of life. It’s a beautiful time of the year!

This time around, winter just didn’t want to let go but now, spring is here and here to stay – yay! I have been patiently waiting for consistently warm weather so I can do away with the thick jackets and heavy coats to try out some hot new looks and show some skin!

I fell in love with this black mesh tank from Witchery at first glance (loving all things mesh at the moment!) and have been eager to wear it. Mesh is a loosely woven fabric with a large number of closely spaced holes. The tank is a longline style, so it’s longer in length than the standard top and is shapely structured to the contours of the body. The bold trim along the edges provides a tailored finish and adds a chic touch, making this tank versatile and suitable to wear casually throughout the day as well as dressed up for the evening. Too easy!

The look for this season is to layer mesh tops over a bralette or crop top which is rather daring, but it's good to be adventurous with your style every now and again and try something different and spring is the perfect season to try out new looks. Alternatively, you may wear it over a fitted cami. The sheer, web-like pattern shows just enough flesh without oversharing; sexy and classy at the same time.

Given the gorgeously warm weather over the weekend and a brunch date with friends by the beach, I layered my mesh tank over a white bralette, tucked it into my Cotton On denim shorts and on my feet I wore my white Converse Chuck Taylor All Star low-top sneakers (my new love!). For a tasteful and effortlessly stylish evening look, I paired the tank with a black classic slim leg pant, black bralette from Seed and black stilettos. If I owned silver or hot pink pumps then I would’ve added a pop of colour to the outfit - for an edge.

Finally, for me springtime symbolises new beginnings and better times ahead. Surrounded by nature’s changes, I feel spring is the ideal time to transform not only your style but also yourself. As spring settles in consider an adjustment to your attitude. Believe good things are headed your way; prepare for your unforseen good and expect surprises. Get involved in activities that you enjoy and make you feel happy. Improve your health and overall well-being by modifying your diet and getting active. Unclutter your space to be rid of the old and allow for the new. Assess your inner nature to check where you are within yourself. Formulate a definition of the person you desire to be and ensure your thinking and actions conform accordingly. Write a list of goals then break them down into smaller, practical plans of action. As you tick off each accomplishment you will feel a sense of fulfilment which will not only add to your personal growth but also boost your confidence and in turn strengthen your self-worth and ultimately lead to greater happiness. So, with spring in the air embrace change to enrich your life.

“Spring is the time of plans and projects.”  ~ Leo Tolstoy, Anna Karenina

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