Monday, 27 October 2014

Floral Fixation - October 2014

Well, it appears I spoke, or should I say wrote, too soon in my last post about Winter finally being over! The recent display of thunderstorms and cool temperatures in Sydney have thrown us back into another spell of Winter but in between we have had some perfect Spring days. The past few days in particular have been so warm.

Throughout the springtime I love wearing pretty floral designs and with the pleasant and sunny weather, my floral fascination flourishes. I find flowery prints both fresh and trรจs feminine and with a plethora of floral patterned options currently available in the stores: tops, shirts, shorts, skirts, dresses, jeans, jackets, jumpsuits, scarves, handbags and even shoes, you will surely stand out like a tall poppy. So, why not set temperatures soaring this season with a flower-patterned clothing item? Flaunt your femininity in a fabulous floral dress or gorgeous flowery skirt. Or fascinate with a floral jacket over the basics - black and white and neutrals for a fashionable fix.

The one item set to fully bloom in my wardrobe this spring is a pair of colourful fitted floral capris from Zara. Sexy. Playful. Stylish. If you too will be wearing a pair, I suggest teaming them with a blouse or singlet of a solid colour. Add some flair with a scarf and flats on your feet for the daytime then throw on a blazer, a pair of heels and accessorise with chic jewellery and a clutch in corresponding colours to take you into the evening. Or, be adventurous and express your creativity by mixing and matching your lovely floral pieces with both classic and bold colours for refreshing variations and if you dare, show off your flower power by wearing floral prints together for a completely unique and noticeable ensemble.

Remember, this spring it’s all about stepping out of our comfort zone and being a little daring with our looks whilst maintaining our authenticity. Be your own person and dress so you feel good and impress yourself for, you have to impress yourself first before you impress others.

"After women, flowers are the most lovely thing God has given the world." ~ Christian Dior