Monday, 29 December 2014

Mastering the Midi - December 2014

Styles always come back around and this season it's the midi-skirt that's made a comeback!

The midi skirt, characterised by its mid-length - a hemline that falls just below the knee and can extend to mid-calf, was popular in the elegant era of the 1940’s and 50's until it was replaced with the daringly short and skimpy mini by the 1960’s. A hard push back to the more conservative trend with the midi's reintroduction in the late 1960’s, was met with much rebellion by women who loved their newfound liberation from fashions past (as well as showing off their legs) and as a result, the midi was once again out and this time it seemed for good - until now. Yet despite its successful revival, many women are hesitant to try out the midi for fear of looking frumpy and feeling awkward due to its in-between length, which can make looking feminine, fashionable and sexy whilst also covering up a challenging task. Plus, with the wide range of fabrics and styles: A-line, flared, pencil or tulip-shaped, choosing the right one can be a little confusing. How then to rock this trend?

In my experience, the secrets to looking hot in a midi are twofold - Length and Balance.

Generally speaking, shorter women should choose a midi with a length ranging from the knee to mid-calf whereas taller women may opt for a longer hemline, from mid-calf to ankle. Personally, I prefer the shorter midi - a hem length that falls barely below the knee so the skirt doesn’t overwhelm my petite frame and make me look too short or disproportioned. The length is revealing without being too provocative - a teaser so to speak; accentuating the soft lines of your body from the waistline to the hemline and at the same time showing some skin but not too much... enough to provide the right amount of mystery to arouse interest. What's more, the longer length is suitable for women of all ages and graceful and respectable, giving you a sophisticated and more ‘grown up’ look than miniskirts.


Since the midi actually covers up a lot of skin, you need to offset the demure, voluminous bottom-half with a form-fitting, skin-baring, more revealing top-half. Pair your full flowing 'umbrella skirt' with a fitted, shorter top such as a crop top or tucked in blouse or tank to balance your shape. By doing so, you place emphasis on the cinched waist which will flatter your figure and highlight your femininity by outlining your silhouette all the way down to the hem. For an ultra-sexy look, the sleeker, streamlined, hip-skimming pencil midis look best with a loose fitted blouse or top or crisp collared shirt. To elongate the legs and give off a slimmer, longer leg thus, appear taller, pair your gorgeous skirt with heels or nude flats. Add some sass to your outfit with stylish shoes and accessories including a belt or hat to create a unique and modern look.

I love clothing items which are both versatile and trans-seasonal; you can create numerous classy looks to wear any time and everywhere and for these reasons the midi is an essential piece in my wardrobe. Try it out for yourself. Remember, if you chose right, you can wear your midi now in the warmer months and then take it into the cooler seasons simply by slipping on opaques, ankle boots, a cropped knit and throwing over a bomber jacket to brave the cold in style. I’m thinking a black, pleated leather midi would be ideal for winter...

"A good sermon should be like a woman's skirt: short enough to arouse interest but long enough to cover the essentials." ~ Ronald Knox

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