Thursday, 26 February 2015

50 shades of Grey - February 2015

To coincide with the release of the much anticipated movie, Fifty Shades of Grey in Australia this month, I am going all the way with grey (couldn’t resist the play on words!). Ok, that said, this cloudy colour is hot at the moment and I am having so much fun experimenting with grey ;-), mixing different tones of this neutral hue together.

Universally known as the ‘colour of compromise’ because it’s neither black nor white but somewhere in between, its intermediate positioning makes it adaptable to other colours but has earned it the reputation for being passionless and dull because it doesn’t catch the eye and stimulate the senses like the bolder, vibrant colours do. Instead grey creates a sense of calm and composure, a relief from the wildness happening both inside and outside of the self which explains why it is the colour of choice for corporate professionals who strive to give off an impression of respectability, reliability, proficiency, power and importance.

Less overpowering than black, this subdued shade sets the perfect backdrop for playful colours as well as contrasting textures and various prints. What’s more, grey has other undertones such as mauve, green, pink and blue which means, it can be easily incorporated into an ensemble making grey both practical and versatile. It all depends on what you do with grey that counts, right? (hehe)

Dusty pink and light grey is one of my favourite colour combos because these light colours add a touch of softness and create a dreamy, romantic and feminine feel to an outfit but I haven’t been able to find a soft pink top I like. Early in the season though, I bought this super sexy light grey sleeveless trench coat from Witchery.

For my movie date with my bestie, I wanted to create an outfit consisting of different shades of grey. I kept it simple yet chic by teaming my trench with my stylish skorts and a fitted glittery silver tank, both also from Witchery and my pretty (and comfy) heels from Nine West. The gunmetal tones in the skorts harmonise well with the black and white and the flowy design adds a girlish, playful look whilst the swirly pattern creates shadows giving off an enigmatic air to the overall ensemble. Both the trench and tank top have a hint of cool blue so the shade is closer to silver and as such, the lighter tones illuminate all other colours.

I do love to add colour to my sombre greys, so for warmth I wear it with pink and red and I especially love grey with a dazzling cobalt blue and brilliant yellow. Yes, yellow looks striking with grey! As the season changes, grey and yellow are going to be a favourite of mine for autumn.

So, contrary to popular belief you can certainly give grey a personality of its own and create a dynamic outfit and make this conservative colour “without colour” the centre of attention and like Christian himself, lift the ordinary to extraordinary.

The advantage of grey is its diversity – you can look elegant and sleek yet soft and sexy in this shade and at the same time exude a sense of control when in reality you want to lose control.

"There's so much grey to every story - nothing is so black and white." ~ Lisa Ling

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