Sunday, 31 May 2015

Fringe Benefits - May 2015

Fringe is everwhere (and everything ) this season!

This decorative textile trim, commonly applied to an edge of an item, has made numerous comebacks over the years and has once again managed to find its way back into the fashion spotlight.

From as far back as the ancient civilisations living in Mesopotamia, fringe was a popular ornamental adornment for clothing of both men and women of all classes. In more recent times, Native Americans demonstrated its usefulness when they added fringing to the bottom of the sleeves of jackets, to help prevent droplets from soaking through.

However, it was in the 1920's, as part of the flapper look, where fringe truly became a trendy fashion embellishment. Fringing flourished as women moved and swayed in this daring new fad which embraced all things modern. Years later, it made a fierce revival as a dominant decoration on the leather clothing of cowboys in the American West followed by a brief stint in the hip 1970's.    

I found this cool taupe-coloured fringed-skirt on which I have paired with my black turtle neck wool top, pointed mid-calf  boots and added my stylish black floppy hat for an effortless boho-meets-city-chic look.

So, this season, embrace the wild-west inspired vibe with a fringe feature. A fringe-sleeved jacket or coat is the classic choice although, I highly recommend a pair of black (safe option) or grey, even nude-coloured ankle boots with some fringe edging - so hot! Alternatively, a handbag (or clutch) with some fringe detail will also put you right on trend and certainly transform your look!

“There’s a little bit of cowboy and cowgirl in nearly everyone.” ~ Jane and Michael Stern