Tuesday, 22 December 2015

All laced-up - December 2015

I have been looking sooo long for a white skirt! Over the years, I tried on several but wasn't fully satisfied with any. Either the cut was wrong, the style unflattering or the quality poor with most skirts so sheer they were see-through thus, inappropriate for the workplace (or anywhere else for that matter!). All I wanted was a white skirt that was well-shaped, fully-lined, looked classy and was that little bit edgy; different from all the others. 

For most, wearing a white skirt is a daunting thought not only because it shows dirt and stains easily, but also because a light shade, especially one as bright as white, is the first to draw attention to the body parts it covers - in this case the waist, hips, butt and thighs. Therefore, my reason for being rather particular about a white skirt is because white is unforgiving. There is no margin for error so, the skirt must be perfect in every sense - perfect fit, perfect shape, perfect length and perfect style.  

This one from Sheike is a slim-fit midi style with a lace-up feature down the front, finishing into a split which is sure to keep all eyes on you! It's also a stretch fabric so the skirt contours beautifully and seamlessly to your body, creating a sexy, hourglass shape. The front pockets make the skirt look smart and stylish and the split down the middle adds an element of sexiness whilst the length adds sophistication. 

With so much happening around this time of year, this classy number is the perfect holiday skirt for Christmas parties, dinners, New Year’s Eve as well as any December birthday celebrations. Plus, it's ideal for summer! In fact, it would look gorgeous with the chic, cropped cape-style jacket from my last post for a white-hot-summer look!

Neutral shades such as beige, ivory and taupe as well as other soft hues like blush and light grey are darling with white for a romantic, dreamy look but, I also love pairing a white skirt with bold reds, blues and greens for a fresh, vibrant feel. Given the joyous, festive season, I opted to team this white skirt with its polar opposite - black and gold accessories - the ultimate combination for a dramatic effect and a look that is classy, sensual and effortlessly stunning. 

Happy Christmas everyone! Remember to be thankful for all the blessings in your life because Christmas isn’t just a season or about presents, it’s a feeling - a feeling of cherishing peace, giving love and forgiveness and being grateful for all the good things we already have. 

"I will honour Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year." ~ Charles Dickens