Thursday, 14 December 2017

Shorts and Knotted tee - December 2017

Good morning and happy Friday!

As the temperatures inch higher each day, I love baring my (white) legs with a pair of stylish shorts. such as these. I love this cut and actually own these in also the red and white, which I have worn over and over. So glad I now have them in black!

Witchery has been killing it lately with lots of fashion-forward pieces. These structured shorts have a high waistband and are an A-line cut, so they flare ever so slightly, making your legs look super slim and long. Also, they are the perfect length - not too short and fit really well. Some shorts I try on have a very low crutch and seem to hang on me, which doesn’t look classy at all! I really love how they look on and they are so versatile!

Like I said, the cut shapes you very nicely and their simplicity makes them suitable and sophisticated enough for both day and night wear; during the day wear them with sandals then glam them up with heels and jewellery for the evening. I paired them with this white, cropped, knotted tee from Sheike. Knotted tees are a popular item this year. I have linked some others below (although most are ties rather than knots).

I also wanted to mention, this year shades of khaki are all the rage – even in Summer! I normally consider this an Autumn shade, but hues of khaki are currently everywhere! Witchery have a few different styles of shorts in khaki namely, these shorts
with the belt or these with the elastic. I’ve tried on both and really like the one with the belt.  The belt adds a touch of chic to them, making them look dressy.

"We must never confuse elegance with snobbery." ~ Yves Saint Laurent

Shorts, shorts, shorts   – Witchery//Knotted tee – Sheike//also here, here, here, here. Also love this one

Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Perfect NYE Dress

I found the perfect dress for New Year’s Eve! (hands-in-the-air emoji!). I love wearing something sparkly on NYE. Sequins always make me feel glamorous and fun! The dress is from Witchery and it’s a simple yet elegant style. It’s covered in soft sequins and fully lined therefore, comfortable to wear, especially when you sit down. The sequins have a silvery sparkle to them but they’re not overpowering, and the one-shoulder makes the dress look stylish and sophisticated. It’s also a great length. I can’t rave enough about it!     

I recommend keeping the accessories simple to balance your look thus, avoid overloading on the sparkles.  

"The dress must follow the body of a woman, not the body following the shape of the dress." ~ Hubert de Givenchy
Monday, 27 November 2017

All eyes on me

Summer is in the air and with plenty of sunshine, you certainly need to get your shades on! I purchased this funky pair by Prada over the weekend. I had been looking for a pair of sunglasses with the double-bridge feature for some time, but hadn't found any I loved enough to buy. Until these... I tried on many different styles from various brands to determine which suited my face shape and looked best, and these were my favourite.

To be honest, I vacillated between the black and tortoise shell frames, but in the end I opted for the tortoise shell - only because I bought this pair of black-framed sunglasses, also by Prada only weeks prior! (NB: They are the sexiest pair of sunnies ever! Yes, they are a hexagon shape but they look absolutely amazing on! Who would've thought hexagons would look so sexy haha, but I digress...).

In my opinion, the black-frame sunglasses stand out more, especially on fair skin and hair. The tortoise shell on the other hand, subtlely blends in with my fair complexion and hair. Like I said, it was a tough decision but I had a new black pair... I love the combination of gold and tortoise shell; the gold elevates the sunglasses, making them look sophisticated and stylish.  

I have been wearing them every day since and receive so many compliments and questions about them. They're very comfortable on and the classic style means they may be worn with everything.

Also, I wanted to mention this cross-body bag has been my go-to over the past few months; it is versatile and easy to wear. I highly recommend it. The style is the 'Favourite MM' in the monogram print.

"Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and remove one accessory." —Coco Chanel

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Frills and Spots

Over the weekend, I bought this black-and-white spotted off-the-shoulder georgette top and matching skirt from Cue. The moment I saw the top I had to try it on, because it looked so pretty and once on, I fell in love with it. I love everything about this top - the soft fabric, thin shoulder straps and tiered ruffle layers. Then I saw the matching skirt, so I paired the two together to see how they looked on. Oh my! Insert five heart-eye emojis here, haha! I loved the outfit. The skirt is also tiered and an A-line style, finishing in a wide frill at the hem, so it flares out but not too much. Although the fabric is soft, it is of high quality. Both items are also fully lined. The entire outfit and print is really pretty and just so feminine.   

Initially, when I took both items into the fitting room, I thought it would be too much pairing the two together however, I personally loved the effect. Gold accessories and heels, makes this ensemble perfect for the festive season. It also makes a great date night or dinner-with-your-girlfriends outfit. Even if you don't want to pair the items together, you will get multi-wear from these two pieces individually. The black-and-white combination works well with any colours it is paired with. My favourites include red, pink, yellow, blue and green.

For today only, Cue has 20% off EVERYTHING! So get online and get shopping! 

"Walk like you have three men walking behind you." ~ Oscar de la Renta

Thursday, 2 November 2017

Make-up Must-Haves - November 2017

The weather is warming up with each passing day, and I love that summer is in the air!
During the warmer months I like wearing less make-up, or as little make-up as possible, mainly due to the hot, humid temperatures. Plus, I like letting my skin breathe. There are however, a few make-up items I love and wear all year-round.

I want to mention up front that I live as clean a life as possible, meaning with minimal or no exposure to nasty, harsh chemicals. This applies to my food and extends to make-up, skincare and body products, even the perfume I use. I know most of the chemical-laden products are cheaper and (sometimes) may offer a greater variety of colours, but I prefer to steer clear of toxins. Therefore, most of the items on my list are minerals-made. I particularly like Bare Minerals because of their variety and affordable price point.

First up, mascara. No matter what the weather is doing or where I'm going, the one make-up item I don't leave home without is mascara. It used to be eyeliner but over the past six months I have been reaching for the wand instead of the pencil. I think it's because it's more subtle than eyeliner thus, can be worn any time of the day for a bit of definition without looking over-done. Mascara instantly opens up your eyes by defining your lashes and enhancing the shape of your eyes.

Lash Domination by Bare Minerals is my fave (and I love the silver packaging)! The cool thing about it is the brush – it’s twisted, so it curves around and coats all your lashes, giving you a voluminous look but without the bulk. I want it to be visible that I'm wearing mascara, but without that thick and clumpy look some others produce. It's also easy to remove. I use a little bit of Jojoba oil and warm water on a cotton wool and gently rub it back and forth over the eye. TIP: I highly recommend using an eyelash curler before applying mascara to curl your lashes – not only does it shape the eyelashes nicely in preparation for the mascara to coat, but it makes your eyes appear wider (and sexier). Also, I have found this mascara doesn’t smudge. 

Next, highlighting powder. I love this stuff! Highlighter gives your skin that natural glow-from-within look when the light hits the areas of application. This one by Hourglass is top-notch. It’s called the Ambient Strobe Lighting powder and is available in four shades. I use “Euphoric” which is a pearly-beige shade and looks very natural. I prefer highlighters with golden/pink tones because they suit my skin. Hourglass products do verge on the pricier side, but the shade matches my skin perfectly… and I wear a lot of gold jewellery. It’s my one make-up splurge! Many of the Hourglass products are free from toxins such as parabens, sulphates and synthetic dyes and fragrances, vegan-friendly and also gluten-free (cool, right?). Too Faced highlighters are also very good (and slightly cheaper).

I love accentuating my cheekbones, making them look higher and more defined, so I simply brush some highlighter (with a flat, angled blush brush) on my cheekbones and also down my nose. I stay out of the sun as much as I can, so highlighting powder gives me an instant summer-shimmer.

The last item I use is lipstick. Okay, I’ve always been a MAC lipstick kinda-gal. I mean, who doesn’t love MAC lipsticks? I still like them (especially Russian Red!), but the “Gen Nude Radiant” range by Bare Minerals are the BEST lipsticks I have ever used! (and I am not switching for anything!). Their new formula is creamy and so silky smooth - it glides on like butter. I am not kidding! Try it for yourself. Heavenly! They’re moisturising, have a nice shine and stay on.

If you want nude shades, then you have to buy one from the “Gen Nude Radiant” range. I have a few colours but my all-time favourite is Tutu. I absolutely adore this soft, pink-based, natural colour and wear it as my every-day lipstick. It’s also the one I buy for my girlfriends as a gift – they love the colour and texture. If you’re after colour for statement lips, then choose from the “Statement Luxe-Shine Lipstick” range. Their consistency is the same as the “Gen Nude Radiant” range. I love “Rebound”.  

Finally, I want to add I also own a variety of lip glosses from the “Gen Nude Buttercream Lip Gloss” range, and occasionally use gloss instead of lipstick or apply the gloss over my lipstick for extra shine, but in summer I generally just wear lipstick because it provides greater coverage and staying power therefore, I don’t need re-apply as often as I do with gloss.

I like to keep things simple and look classy and natural during the warmer months and show more of my skin, and the above-listed items allow me to achieve this and doll myself up a little.    

Mascara: Bare Minerals//Highlighting powder: Hourglass//Lipstick: Bare Minerals//Scarf: BP

"I know what women want. They want to be beautiful." ~ Valentino Garavani

Monday, 16 October 2017

Sexy, strappy sandals

These sandals from Nine West are hands down the MOST comfortable sandal I have ever worn! It's because the footbed is padded. I love the cross-over straps - they give the sandal a dressy look and feel and I also love the support around the heel. I always look to buy sandals with heel support so my feet feel secure (and I don't trip over when I'm walking - I walk very fast!). I even love their style name - Dollface! They look great on and really flatter your feet.

I wore them yesterday for the first time to my niece's 6th birthday party, where I was on my feet most of the day, and they felt so soft, like I was wearing slippers. I cannot get over just how soft and comfortable they are! The leather strap along the toes and the straps themselves are also soft so they're well made hence, they didn't cut into me at all - so rare for new shoes not to do that!

I bought them in the black because I needed a new pair of black sandals, but I'm so happy with this sandal I'm going to buy them in nude too. I'm tempted to buy them in rose gold as well, which is right on-trend this season, but I already have a pair of rose gold shoes. I can buy another, right? lol

"You can never take too much care over the choice of your shoes. Too many women think that is unimportant, but the proof of an elegant woman is what is on her feet." ~ Christian Dior

Monday, 9 October 2017

Pink, Off-the-shoulder and cut-outs! - October 2017

Those three little words every girl wants to hear - pink, off-the-shoulder and cut-outs! Lol! Well maybe the other three little words... hehe!

I bought this gorgeous top from Cue over the weekend. It has all my favourites - pink, off-the-shoulder, cut-outs and frills. I am loving Cue's Spring/Summer range. The designs are flirty and feminine with bright, pretty colours, floral patterns, frills and lines that accentuate your neck, shoulders and waistline.

This top has a soft, elasticised band along the shoulders so, it's a very comfortable fit. The cut-outs in the sleeves make it slightly edgy whilst the pink hue and tiered frills give the top a feminine feel. Also, for me, the pinstripe adds some dimension to the top; it's not just another pink top.

This top will look great paired with white shorts and nude heels or anything denim - shorts, jeans and skirt.

“Fashion is very important. It is life-enhancing and, like everything that gives pleasure, it is worth doing well.” ~ Vivienne Westwood

Wednesday, 27 September 2017

All Pink and Red!

Witchery has had an influx of clothing in my two favourite colours - hot pink and red! I am so excited!! I've been waiting for one of the fashion brands to release clothes in both those colours, at the same time! 

I grabbed a whole heap of items I liked and tried them all on and although some were really pretty pieces, they didn't sit right on my frame. In the end, I bought the two items I really wanted and hoped would fit - this hot pink off-the-shoulder ruffle cami and these red structured shorts.

I'm in love with this ruffle top! It is my favourite at the moment. The combination of the hot pink hue and frills scream femininity, and the cut-out shoulders make it cute yet sexy. Also, the material is of high quality, allowing you to glam it up for night-time wear in addition to wearing it throughout the day. This top is so versatile - you may pair it with so many colours: white, blue, black, nude and navy. Turquoise would look amazing with hot pink as will all shades of grey and green. It's also trans-seasonal, so you may wear it into autumn by throwing a jacket over it.

As for the tailored shorts, they are an A-line style which makes your legs appear slimmer. Also, they are slightly longer than other shorts available, so very classy. Red is a primary colour therefore, works well with so many other colours. I intend to pair the top and shorts together with nude strappy heels and bag.

Can't wait for a function so I can wear this outfit!

"When in doubt, wear red." ~ Bill Blass
Sunday, 17 September 2017

Ready for Spring - September 2017

Last Thursday, it was Vogue Fashion Night in Sydney and I managed to find myself some pretty pieces for Spring/Summer.

I've mentioned in previous posts how much I love Cue clothing because of the high quality and unique designs. What's more, it's an Australian brand and on the night of fashion it didn't disappoint!

First up, I bought this sexy and flirty georgette skirt. I've actually had my eye on this skirt since I saw it online about a month ago. However, I hadn't seen it at my local Cue store,  so hadn't tried it on. I was fortunate to find one in my size and absolutely fell in love with it once I put it on.

I love the fresh, vibrant colours, the lantern floral design and of course, the asymmetric tiers. Plus, it's fully lined! The fabric is so silky smooth and the skirt sits on your hips and falls softly down the legs... It really is very slimming. I am wearing the size 6. I suspect most are thinking the colour might be a little too bright and in between orange and red hence, wondering what colour top to wear it with,  but because there's black in the print, you can easily pair it with black. This way, the colours will stand out even more as well as create an edgy look with the contrast otherwise, white or nude also look great. I wore it with a black cold-shoulder top and black pumps and it looked ah-mazing!

Next, this fuchsia top, another Cue item, is stylish and so different. It's a cape style overlay with cut-out shoulders and the colour is a deep, rich pink which I feel matches all skin tones and hair colours. It also comes in black if you want to stick to the basics and it's currently on sale!

This sleeveless lace dress, also from Cue, is the bom-diggity and my favourite item that I purchased! It's the ultimate in femininity because of the lace and soft peach colour. It fits true to size - I'm wearing the size 6 and the cut is perfect; very slimming, contouring beautifully to your body with a gathered frill hem which tapers ever so slightly, so you get that hourglass shape. It is also fully lined and comes with the black and rose gold metal panel belt. You can pair it with black heels and bag or else, keep it fresh in the warmer months by pairing it with nude heels and accessories. 

I also couldn't resist this off-the-shoulder lace top from Seed - the bow at the front made me do it! hehe. It certainly adds a touch of class to the top and dresses it up. The top is actually a really comfortable fit thanks to the elasticised neckline and the lace, much like the Cue dress, gives it a delicate and feminine look and feel, especially with the exposed lace on the sleeves showing some skin. I love that it's a stark, white hue, nice and bright for Summer. This top will look great with jeans and will definitely elevate your look for both day and night. That's the best thing about it - it's versatility. It will look equally as good paired with a short skirt (think denim or leather) or shorts and sandals.

Finally, I bought this scarf, also from Seed. I just adore the lighter shades of these bold colours for Spring. Plus, it's animal print so no more needs to be said!

"Life stands before me like an eternal spring with new and brilliant clothes." ~ Carl Friedrich Gauss

Thursday, 31 August 2017

Give me all the Gingham!

It's the first day of Spring and I am so happy! Although it’s still quite cold today, I am really looking forward to the warmer temperatures; it's only a matter of time now. Adios Winter! I can't wait to start dressing like Spring, haha!
I am OBSESSED with the gingham print this spring/summer. I love it in anything I can find – tops, shorts, skirts and dresses... This cute Cotton gingham off-the-shoulder top from Cue is my favourite new item. I fell in love with it the moment I tried it on! It’s feminine and so sexy and the fit is absolutely perfect. I am wearing the size 6 and it’s not restricting at all around the bust. It’s still somewhat fitted but without being tight, even around the shoulders it’s comfortable. What’s more, the cotton fabric is of high quality and so breathable. It is, without a doubt, the most comfortable off-the-shoulder top I have ever bought.
It is a little pricey, so I have linked up some less expensive options for you. I know I will get my wear out of it and the gingham print never goes out of style. Also, I’ve been wearing Cue clothing for years and I can vouch for the quality – it is high and lasts for years.
On Cue’s website and as part of their Spring/Summer campaign, this top is paired with the floral skinny pant - also part of the campaign. So, I thought I would re-create the look with a pair of similar floral pants I already own (I bought these from Zara a few years ago and blogged about them here). I love mixing up patterns, especially in the warmer months. Not only do you stand out in the crowd, but you can create some original and exciting looks to show off your creativity and flair. Plus, you get value for your money by getting full use of your wardrobe. 

Happy month everyone!

“It is spring again. The earth is like a child that knows poems by heart.” ~ Rainer Maria Rilke 

Top - Cue// Cropped Bodice - Cue //Tafetta Tiered Skirt - Cue//High Waist Skirt (love this!) - Cue//Frill Cuff Skinny Pant - Cue//Frill Midi Skirt - Cue//Parka - Cue//Off the shoulder blouse - Nordstrom//Tie Top - ASOS// Shorts - ASOS//Dress - ASOS//Long-sleeve top - ASOS//Ruffle Mini skirt - Iconic//Embroided shirt - Iconic// Ruffle shirt - ASOS//Mini dress - Iconic//Ruffle sleeve tee - Iconic//Tie back top - Iconic// Blouse - Iconic// Bell sleeve blouse - Nordstrom// Long-sleeve top - Iconic// Strappy Top - Iconic// Tie-front top - Nordstrom// Baby-doll tank - Nordstrom//Off the shoulder frill dress - Iconic

Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Animal-print tights

These animal-print tights from Running Bare are my new faves! I've been meaning to stock up on some new, fun workout wear but have been run off my feet - pardon the pun! 

I wore these tights for my workout today and they are comfortable, breathable and feel so silky on, so much so I kept slipping off the seat whilst on the rower haha! I absolutely love the neutral tones - it means I can pair them with a variety of colours plus, they have a high waistline and contour to your body; like second skin! 

Also, my Nike Lunarglide 8's are the ultimate in comfort. I wear mine casually on a daily basis and they feel so smooth on, almost like you're gliding, literally! Although you may wear them for running and training I don't. (I wear ASICS Kayano when I exercise because I need the additional support around my ankles). 

I was in Rebel over the weekend and noticed these sneakers are reduced to $105 from $200, which is a great price! I highly recommend these, especially if you're on your feet all day. The classic style and simple black and white combination makes them simple yet classy enough to be worn as part of a trendy-sporty every-day look.

"Strong is the new beautiful." ~ Nike
Thursday, 3 August 2017

Jeans for Genes - August 2017

Today is Jeans for Genes Day in Australia. A day where Australians don their favourite denims and donate money to support genetic research and help cure childhood disease. So, if you wear jeans today you should also donate some money or buy merchandise.

It's quite cold in Sydney therefore, it's the perfect day to wear jeans. I put together this fun outfit for the office - my live-in denims, which I bought a few seasons back from Forever New, black shirt from Cue, black high boots (which you can't see in the photo) and for added chic, I tied this pretty Kate Spade scarf around my neck. 

I love this scarf and have been wanting to wear it for so long! Mind you, I purchased it a few years ago... Although mine is now sold out, I have linked up some similar ones below.
I feel the scarf elevates the entire look, taking an otherwise ordinary outfit of jeans and a black shirt to a whole new trendy level. It certainly glams-up the ensemble and makes it more interesting!  

Jeans for Genes Day is such a worthy cause, so please visit the website and donate. The smallest amount helps.

Jeans - Forever New (old) similar here//Shirt - Cue (old) similar here, here, love this one!// Scarf - Kate Spade (old) similar here, here and here.

"It's not how much we give but how much love we put into giving." ~ Mother Teresa

Thursday, 20 July 2017

Cute n' Cozy Pyjamas

These pyjama leggings from Peter Alexander are so cute! I love the adorable bear-face design. They're made from a soft cotton, so they're super comfortable and although the fabric is quite thin when you hold it, they are surprisingly very warm. I personally don't like being weighed down by heavy winter pyjamas, so the light-weight material is breathable yet cozy and snug.

I paired these leggings with a light pink top, which is also on sale. I bought the waffle-pattern because I like it and it matches my leggings, but the top is also available in a plain style.

These pyjamas, and other cute prints (I also bought the penguins!), are currently on sale with a further 30% off the sale price, so they're a great buy if you're needing new sleepwear. They also make a sweet birthday present for any of your girlfriends.

There's a special offer on at the moment, both online and in-store - get 20% off all new stock until midnight Sunday.

"I just really love being in my pyjamas." ~ Rachel Bilson

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Baby, it's cold outside! - July 2017

It has been freezing in Sydney this week… it was 7 degrees this morning as I waited at the bus stop. Seven degrees is cold for Sydney! I've gotten into the habit of wearing my gloves before leaving the house.  

That said, the past few weekends have been very pleasant, the winter sun warm throughout the day. Last weekend in particular was nice and toasty in the sun, so I was able to wear my new off-the-shoulder sweater - in my favourite colour which I bought, on sale, from Zara. You can also wear this on the shoulder by leaving the fold-over falling around your neckline and chest.

I teamed the sweater with my blue denims, beanie and my new sneakers from Nine West. I bought them a few weeks ago and finally wore them last weekend. These sleek, low-top sneakers are such a good fit – perfect for those of us with narrow feet and so comfortable too. I love the silver detailing at the heel and the fact that they're all white means I can pair them with everything.

So, if you’re looking for a new pair of sneakers I highly recommend these. I ran errands all day on Saturday and felt as though I was walking on a cloud!  If you're not keen on white, they're also available in black and a blush/natural colour.    

Dreaming of Spring... ;-)

I hope you guys are having a good week!

Knit-Zara//Beanie - Myer similar here//Sneakers - Nine West 

"Don't be into trends. Don't make fashion own you, but you decide what you are, what you want to express by the way you dress and the way to live." ~ Gianni Versace