Thursday, 14 December 2017

Shorts and Knotted tee - December 2017

Good morning and happy Friday!

As the temperatures inch higher each day, I love baring my (white) legs with a pair of stylish shorts. such as these. I love this cut and actually own these in also the red and white, which I have worn over and over. So glad I now have them in black!

Witchery has been killing it lately with lots of fashion-forward pieces. These structured shorts have a high waistband and are an A-line cut, so they flare ever so slightly, making your legs look super slim and long. Also, they are the perfect length - not too short and fit really well. Some shorts I try on have a very low crutch and seem to hang on me, which doesn’t look classy at all! I really love how they look on and they are so versatile!

Like I said, the cut shapes you very nicely and their simplicity makes them suitable and sophisticated enough for both day and night wear; during the day wear them with sandals then glam them up with heels and jewellery for the evening. I paired them with this white, cropped, knotted tee from Sheike. Knotted tees are a popular item this year. I have linked some others below (although most are ties rather than knots).

I also wanted to mention, this year shades of khaki are all the rage – even in Summer! I normally consider this an Autumn shade, but hues of khaki are currently everywhere! Witchery have a few different styles of shorts in khaki namely, these shorts
with the belt or these with the elastic. I’ve tried on both and really like the one with the belt.  The belt adds a touch of chic to them, making them look dressy.

"We must never confuse elegance with snobbery." ~ Yves Saint Laurent

Shorts, shorts, shorts   – Witchery//Knotted tee – Sheike//also here, here, here, here. Also love this one